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GF Split & Merge


This tool is used for splitting a file into multiple parts. There are two ways to split a file using this: split into a fixed number of files or split into files of a specific size each.

From the Split Page, you can select the file you want to split, select the output directory and hit the 'Run' button. The application creates Files with numbered extensions ( outfile.ext.1, outfile.ext.2 and so on...)

From the Merge Page select the input files. When you add files, it tries to sort based on the extensions, if they are numbered. If they are not in the right order, you can move them up and down. Hit the 'Run' button to start merging. During a long split or merge process, you can hit the cancel button to stop the process.



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GF Split & Merge is distributed as package with installer (setup.exe). Start it and follow wizard steps. It will guide you through installation process. To uninstall GF Split & Merge after it was installed choose "Uninstall GF Split & Merge" icon from GF Split & Merge program icon group. You can also uninstall it from Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs applet.






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